Cool Sculping uses cold to eliminate excess body fat, targeting the areas where unwanted fat is found and applying a wave of cold that destroys it by lowering its temperature until it breaks down.

How is the Coolsculpting treatment?

Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis is liposuction without surgery. The specialist uses a device applied to the skin that sends out cold waves to “freeze” the accumulated fat balls.

The low temperature breaks down and decomposes the fat tissues, which are naturally discarded by the body.

The patients may continue with their normal activities after an in-office and painless procedure.

You should know:

  • The specialist will take a measure of the percentage of localized fat, to know how many sessions will it take and what results to expect.
  • You’ll lie down comfortably, and your doctor maps with a pen on the areas to target.
  • You’ll be protected by a gel pad over your skin before applying a paddle to the treatment area.
  • The treatment generates minimal discomfort, so it’s not necessary to use any anesthetic in the area of application.
  • Coolsculpting stretches the skin, some effects are visible almost immediately when the skin recovers its temperature, and you can feel softness and elasticity. 
  • The body naturally discards the fat, so it is necessary to wait between two and three weeks to see the full result.

Areas of application.

The most common areas of application are:


-Flanks (love handles).

-Bra fat.

-Inner and outer thighs.

-Back fat.

-Upper arms.

-Buttock rolls (banana rolls).

How does it work?

  • The low temperatures “freeze” and destroy the fat, which the body eliminates by natural means.
  • While other systems use heat to burn off excess body fat, Coolsculpt uses cold.
  • The cooling system breaks the cells that make up the fatty tissues, with no side effects.
  • Each session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the doctor’s recommendation. 
  • There is no discomfort except a cold sensation at the beginning of the treatment.
  • No medication or anesthesia is required.
  • The patient can return to his/her usual activities immediately after the treatment, without any contraindication.
  • The body’s metabolism eliminates the fat, that’s why you can see the results from four to six weeks.
  • The number of sessions depends on the areas to treat and the volume of accumulated fat.
  • The doctors don’t recommend Coolsculpting for patients who suffer from obesity but for localized fat deposits.
  • Coolsculpting helps to prevent and treat cellulite.
  • Usually, approximately three sessions per year are required, with a period of one month between them.
  • When you see the results, you’ll be motivated to keep them with a healthy lifestyle.

Are you a candidate?

Consult your doctor to get the best treatment for you to eliminate fat deposits. 

For the best results, you should be in your regular weight, with a mass index (BMI) under 25. 

You can’t do it if:

-If you have wounds or cuts or any other problem on the skin. You must wait until those conditions are healed.

-You are pregnant or breastfeeding 

-You have any condition of poor circulation.

Please tell your doctor any condition that you may have, to find the best treatment for you.